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VA Medical Center includes Acupuncture as a covered Health Care Service with us through the VA Community Care. With a qualifying Referral from your primary care physician, you may be authorized for 12 Acupuncture visits. Additional Acupuncture visits may be additionally authorized.


All you need to do is contact your primary care physician and determine with your physician if Acupuncture would be beneficial to your health care plan.

  1. Begin by calling (612) 467–1100.

  2. Schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to discuss including Acupuncture as part of your personal healthcare routine.

  3. Mention Precision Acupuncture, Shane Berquist as your preferred provider

  4. Upon successful determination between yourself and your physician that Acupuncture  would be beneficial to your current, and ongoing healthcare treatment, the VA medical center will contact us with an approved Referral number from your physician. This is actually a packet of information which outlines your treatment plan that will be sent to me electronically.

  5. When I receive that referral, I will call you and schedule an appointment.

  6. It is likely that if you qualify, you will receive 12 appointments.

  7. This VA community care benefit does not require payment or co-payment from the veteran. It is included in your VA health care benefits.