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Cost & Insurance


We are IN NETWORK with: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica, United Healthcare, UCare, Hennipen Health, Veterans Affairs, & Minnesota Health Care Programs.

Frequently Insurance has Out of Network Acupuncture Benefits and we accept that also. Insurance companies that frequently have Out of Network Acupuncture Benefits include: Cigna, UMR, Aetna.

Many HEALTH INSURANCE plans have acupuncture coverage for pain conditions, sometimes they have coverage for other conditions as well.

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE & MINNESOTA CARE plans cover acupuncture, including those provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Plus, Medica, United, UCare, Hennepin Health, Minnesota Health Care Programs.

We accept AUTO INSURANCE for Injury care due to a Car Crash. If you have an injury related to car crash, your insurance will most likely cover your care 100%.

We accept WORKMANS COMPENSATION insurance for injury care due to a work related injury.

The VA insurance covers the Acupuncture care 100%.


We will check your insurance benefits & process your Insurance for you:

We process all of your insurance needs.

We are happy to Check your Health Insurance Benefits for you. You can email us or call us to provide your insurance info. We will need your name, date of birth, insurance company name, member #, & group #.

With out any insurance coverage, you will find our care plans and payment arrangements affordable and easy.



You may always use your HSA, HRA and Flex dollars here.


Cost for 1st visit service, paid at time of service: $95 – $115 depending on the time & complexity of the visit.

During the initial visit, Shane will assess your primary complaint and your over all health. Shane will answer any questions you have, as well as educate you on how acupuncture would benefit you in your unique situation. An acupuncture session will be performed. Then Shane will put together a care plan specifically designed for you. At that time, he go over the cost of for the care plan. The first visit tends to take about 75 minutes.

Cost of follow up visits, paid at time of service: The cost of follow up visits depends on what is done. Frequently when the visit is paid at time of visit it is $65. At your first visit shane will do an evaluation and put together a care plan designed for you and will go over what the cost of your follow up visits would be.




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