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Shane is a Wealth of Knowledge

Joal McAlister, Oakdale, MN – “Initially when I saw Shane I was hoping he could help with my hives. After a few sessions I noticed several additional health benefits such as better digestion and better sleep. Having experienced frozen shoulder several months before and continuing to have issues with it, I asked Shane to work on my shoulder and it’s

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It Has Renewed My Life

Victoria Ardin, Golden Valley, MN –

Health Complaints: “Diagnosed with fibromyalgia and planter fasciitis, chronic pain and migraines”

What is better now? “I’m able to take a shower without a shower chair, no more rail, no more cane, able to cut the grass, able to drive with no pain, able to sleep at night.”

Why do you like this place?

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To say that acupuncture is life changing is an understatement.

Noelle Wilde – “To scratch the surface of what acupuncture has done for me, I have to back track a couple months and give you an idea of what my body felt like daily for years. The first moment I would open my eyes in the morning and start to roll out of bed, I would be hit with a

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I No Longer Find Myself in the Emergency Room

Alex Urshan, Minneapolis, MN – “Shane is a caring and compassionate healer who takes time to get to know the client and their story. I was in and out of doctor’s offices for several years, battling a serious stomach condition. I was given lots of different pills, which masked the problem, but never treated the issue from the source, so

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