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Acupuncture will help you avoid the doctors office

Frequently people have pain then go to the Doctor.
The doctor orders an expensive MRI. The MRI does not find a problem.
The doctor prescribes a drug.
Then, the frustrated patient comes to Precision Acupuncture.
Shane does some assessments of the musculoskeletal system and finds the source of the pain.
There are too many unnecessary expensive MRI’s being done, too many drugs being prescribed, too much time spent in the hospital lobby, and too much money spent on providers who don’t know how to assess and treat pain without drugs.

Athletes and Acupuncture

Athletes frequently have groups of muscles that lock up in chronic spasm and the athlete doesn’t even know it. Come in for acupuncture and we will get those muscle fibers to release and become functional again. You will immediately have more power, speed and stamina that it brings you. Don’t let muscle mass go to waste. Break records tomorrow.

Herniated disc and back pain

Herniated disc is a leading cause of severe back pain, and back surgery. It is a result of a series of problems that have been present over long period of time. For example, improper biomechanics in the spine puts excessive force on the discs. A posteriorly rotated pelvis (tilted forward), and flattened lordotic curve in the lumbar spine is one postural imbalance that causes this problem. With acupuncture we can help balance the pelvis, lumbar curvature and support the health of your spine— Preventing serious issues, and keeping you off the surgical table.

We take good care of our plants, and we’ll take good care of you too!

We take good care of our plants, and we’ll take good care of you too!

Acupuncture is preventative medicine.

Acupuncture is preventative medicine. Train your body’s healing mechanisms to respond quickly and boost your immune response. Unlock this innate ability with acupuncture.

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